Whether you have a yin

Whether you have a yin or a yang you’ll enjoy these links. The first is to Cynthia Plaster Caster’s collection of rock star penises, mostly weird, flaccid representations of the biggest cocks in showbiz (there’s something about plunging your member into cold plaster that stops a stiffy in its tracks).
Meanwhile, over at The Spectator there’s a great essay by Betty Dodson about the bait-and-switch sham that is The Vagina Monologues, which is close to my take on the subject. That is, it’s very easy to make women feel bad about sexual violence in the world; it’s difficult to make them feel good about themselves. In art, despair is easy, love is hard.
Warning: The Vagina Monologues essay link features an actual photo of an actual vagina (with an actual vibrator near it), but I think you people are sensible adults and have seen one before (you may even have one). Both links by way of the most excellent Daze Sex Blog

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