Dream Advice

Dream Advice

Elsie’s Tavern, Santa Barbara, CA. March 7 – April 3, 2013

Information: Series of watercolor postcards and posters, 2013. My first solo art show, based on a series of “inspirational messages” revealed in a hypnopompic state. Also includes some satirical works.

Selection of works (all 4×6 inches, pen and ink watercolor):

Artist Statement:

What Is It? and Should I Take It?
“Over the past year I have been having dreams where unknown people will approach me and offer sage words of advice. Some are just words. Some are full aphorisms.
“I would wake up and write them down because they seemed very important.
“Later on after a shower and some coffee, I would find that they made less sense. So I decided to make them into inspirational postcards. Maybe they will mean something to you. Maybe not. Just remember, they came from deep inside the bowels of my sub-conscious, so disregard at your peril!”
–Ted Mills, March 2013

Press Release

Microsoft Word doc here


Faces of Santa Barbara, Patricia Clark, Santa Barbara Sentinel, May 3, 2013

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