Link Wray R.I.P.

Link Wray died a few days ago, but I just came across this excellent interview from 1993, where Link meets Mark E. Smith and they get along like a house on fire. Too bad there was never a Fall-Wray jam session!

MES: “The trouble with the rock business is that it’s too easy to make music. That’s why they use the machines. If you want to hear something that’s perfect you should go away and listen to classical music, but that’s not what rock’n’roll’s about, is it!”
LW: “No it ain’t. It’s about feeling and hurting and pain. That is rock’n’roll, and that’s soul music. Soul music is pain – you can hear the slaves, the beatin’ and the hurtin’. Who cares if we’re playing the right notes or not! Who gives a shit if it’s in tune!”

bobrauschenbergamerica – Theater Review

From the News-Press:
Play asks if collage can save the republic
By Ted Mills
If we are, as a recent issue of Wired proclaimed, the era of the remix, with a treasure chest of late 20th-century culture to plunder, then we should look back at pre-postmodernist, post-abstract expressionist, pre-pop collagist Robert Rauschenberg as one of the earliest remixers. His found-object works prompted walkouts and consternation, though his use of Americana was more affectionate than sarcastic.
Charles L. Mee’s post-9/11 attempt to reclaim a forward-thinking view of America looks to Mr. Rauschenberg’s collage for suggestions and asks if there’s anything that we can reclaim to heal this republic, diseased and ailing from war and debt. Or is mom and apple pie a museum piece?

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Brilliant Satire of Right Wing Lunatic Thought

Wait, this *isn’t* satire? Oh dear.
Check out the plot blurb.

‘It is 2021, tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. America is under oppression by ultra-liberal extremists who have surrendered governing authority to the United Nations. Hate speech legislation called the “Coulter Laws” have forced vocal conservatives underground. A group of bio-mechanically enhanced conservatives led by Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North, and a young man born on September 11, 2001, set out to thwart Ambassador Usama bin Laden’s plans to nuke New York City.’

Kinda sad that two of your three bio-mech superheroes are based on convicted criminals. My guess as to why these guys were chosen instead of say a less-criminal conservative hero from the past is that the creator is hoping for some prime publicity knob-gobblin’ on their talk shows.