At Last! It’s the Freezepop Music Video!

A little while ago, I co-directed a video with Jonathan Crow for the Boston-based band Freezepop. Well, we at last finished post production on it and premiered it last weekend to a select group of people in the house and backyard of my producer (but not of this video) Sabrina. We had a small but appreciative turnout, but for those who couldn’t make it, here it is for you to watch on your computer or download to your iPod.
Inspirations were early ’80s “all-white” videos (the background, not the people) and educational film strips from the ’50s-’70s. Thanks to Danny Gregory, who has a great book on those filmstrips, and who also has been an inspiration to me in his outlook on art and life. His blessing meant a lot.
WATCH: .MOV file (16.9 mb)
DOWNLOAD: MP4 iPod file (17.6 mb)
Also available on YouTube!