I Have Laughed a Lot This Week

Well, first of all, we have some semblance of democracy back in this country. Tuesday night I spent with my friend Chris watching films, eating vast quantities of meat, and trying my best to not look the t3h Internets and TV. And then the phone call came from Jon: “Santorum is out of a job.” Yes!
Then later a text: “Dems take the house.” Damn! I slept better that night than I have in a long time, only to find out that that other fukker Rummy had resigned. Wow!!
I treated myself that afternoon to the Borat movie, which had me in stitches, particularly during a certain wrestling sequence. It is, as Jon says, a movie about tolerance in its own strange way.
And then I have been spending most of this and last week reading (and finishing) John Hodgman’s book, “The Areas of My Expertise,” which is the funniest thing since the Onion put our their first compilation book. I have been giggling for some time now.
Okay, that’s me for now.
I really wish I could be publishing my writing for the Santa Barbara News-Press (I have about four to five articles per week these days, bless ’em), but I can’t even access my own stuff with a password. Ack!

I have also been in tears over this Internet meme.
ANOTHER UPDATE: Better cat madness here.
OMG ANOTHER UPDATE LOL: There’s now a blog about all this.