A good Canadian overview of

A good Canadian overview of the cronies and phonies at the White House. Contains this anecdote about Karl Rove:

TheStar.com – On message, on script Rove is feared. He is the first full-time political adviser to have an office right in the White House.
In a recent Esquire magazine profile, Ron Suskind wrote about waiting outside Rove’s office and listening to him berate some political operative who had displeased him.
“We will f— him. Do you hear me? We will f— him. We will ruin him. Like no one has ever f—– him!”
Wrote Suskind: “As a reporter, you get around ? curse words, anger, passionate intensity are not notable events ? but the ferocity, the bellicosity, the violent imputations were, well, shocking.”
Rove continued the rant for a few minutes, then walked out to greet Suskind, still flushed, but sweet as “Clarence the Angel” with a big, “Come on in!”

Wife-Subduing Air Raid

Reuters | Wife-Subduing Air Raid Siren Confiscated
Mon April 21, 2003 08:35 AM ET
BERLIN (Reuters) – A 73-year-old man who used an air raid siren to stun his wife into submission has had it confiscated by German police.
“My wife never lets me get a word in edgeways,” the man identified as Vladimir R. told Mannheim police. “So I crank up the siren and let it rip for a few minutes. It works every time. Afterwards, it’s real quiet again.”
A police spokesman said neighbors had complained at the noise from the 220-volt rooftop device, believed to be an old-fashioned air raid siren.
Rosina, Vladimir’s wife of 32 years, said she sometimes had to yell to get his attention. “My husband is a stubborn mule so I have to get loud.”

Yes, but answer me this:

Yes, but answer me this: If the MonkeyFascist is so gol’ darn popular, how come he hasn’t spoken in front of the general public for months and months, preferring to speak to captive Armed Forces yahoos? I mean, he should have 70 percent of Americans just overflowing with happiness to see him. Well?

Yahoo! News – Bush Approval Rating Rises After War
Sat Apr 19, 2:46 AM ET
By WILL LESTER, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON – President Bush’s job approval has risen past 70 percent as the war winds down in Iraq ), unsettling news for Democrats running for president — but much lower than the soaring levels Bush’s father reached after the Persian Gulf War.

Here’s some good news about

Here’s some good news about the poor Baghdad lions (and others).

Baghdad Zoo Animals to Get Help From U.S. Zoos
Hillary Mayell
for National Geographic News
April 18, 2003
U.S. veterinary teams and animal welfare workers are poised to go to the aid of the zoo animals left in Baghdad as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.
“Not a lot is known about the status of the animals, although more is being learned each day,” said David Jones, director of the North Carolina Zoo. Zoo professionals originally thought there might be several hundred animals at El Zawra, the city’s main zoo, but now believe the number may be only several dozen.

This is a fiery article.

This is a fiery article. Was the Iraqi museum plundered with the help of a neocon-friendly art dealers’ group? PfaffenBlog thinks so, with some facts that nobody’s really covered yet.

US failure to prevent looting of Baghdad museum was a disaster for the Iraqi people — but it’s a windfall for antiquities collectors
The team of concerned U.S. scholars wasn’t the only group to make contact with the Pentagon about Iraq’s antiquities. A group of art traders, calling itself the American Council for Cultural Policy (ACCP), recently met with Defense Department officials. Scholars fear that the meeting “was an attempt by the influential dealers to ease restrictions on Iraq’s antiquities laws. The group’s treasurer has called current policies ‘retentionist,’ and favors the export and sale of some of the world’s oldest treasures to the US.” According to German antiquities expert named Sonja Zekri, the ACCP’s goal is to ” loosen up the Iraqi antiquities laws under an American-controlled postwar regime…. In short, it’s the legalized plundering of Mesopotamian culture by Americans after US bombs have already destroyed the land, and US companies have profited from reconstruction.”

There’s more on this over at The Guardian.
As Bryan Pfaffenberger reminds us, the neocon fascists aren’t interested in public libraries or museums: “Neoconservatives see state-owned libraries, archives, and museums as residues of socialism and are working to transfer public library and museum assets to private concerns.”

Translation of an article that

Translation of an article that appeared in Le Monde. Would this be printed here?

Michel Guerrin: Embedded Photographer: “I Saw Marines Kill Civilians” Marines are conditioned to reach their target at any cost, by staying alive and facing any type of enemy. They abusively make use of disproportionate firepower. These hardened troops, followed by tons of equipment, supported by extraordinary artillery power, protected by fighter jets and cutting-edge helicopters, were shooting on local inhabitants who understood absolutely nothing of what was going on.
With my own eyes I saw about fifteen civilians killed in two days. I’ve gone through enough wars to know that it’s always dirty, that civilians are always the first victims. But the way it was happening here, it was insane.

If Howard Dean keeps talking

If Howard Dean keeps talking like this, my vote is pretty much his.

Bush: It’s Not Just His Doctrine That’s Wrong The people of this country must understand that this Administration has a far different concept of the role of America in the world. This concept involves imposing our will on sovereign nations. This concept involves dismantling the multilateral institutions that we have spent decades building. And this concept involves distorting the rule of law to suit their narrow purposes. When did we become a nation of fear and anxiety when we were once known the world around as a land of hope and liberty?
On day one of a Dean Presidency, I will reverse this attitude. I will tear up the Bush Doctrine. And I will steer us back into the company of the community of nations where we will exercise moral leadership once again.