Another great wacky Christian story!

Another great wacky Christian story!

Woman sues for religious harassment
April 16, 2003
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A woman with bipolar disorder is suing her former boss for religious harassment, claiming he blamed her disorder on unconfessed sins and fired her because it was “God’s will.”
Michelle Subwick, 35, filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Palm Beach Circuit Court against Mark Kielar, president of WJMK Television Productions. She is asking for back pay, damages and attorney fees.
Kielar in a statement Wednesday denied the claims.
Subwick, who is a Christian, claims Kielar told her disorder resulted from Satan infiltrating her life. He advised her to pray daily with him, but she was fired when she stopped the sessions, the lawsuit claims.

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2 thoughts to “Another great wacky Christian story!”

  1. I could care less why Kielar fired this worthless piece of human crap with dollar signs in her eyes. Untreated manic depressives–now called bi-polar–are useless in a work environment. If you think Keilar is a nut, tune in to “Word Pictures.” I don’t care if you’re a Christian or not. Anyone would recognize his thinking & his biblical studies as lucid, accurate, articulate and spellbinding. To inexorably bind an all-over-the-map bi-polar to that kind of person in a work environment is outrageous! He could have been a bit more tactful, it’s true, but there has to be some recourse to get a poorly-fitting person OUT of one’s organization. Kielar was apparently acting on his own beliefs. The woman should have left if she disagreed. Or better yet: How ’bout cluing in one’s prospective employer to one’s psychiatric condition…BEFORE he hires you? Give him a chance to screen you out of the running for the position, and get someone normal in there. (Oh, but that would be just too outrageous!)

  2. Yes, I totally agree. This woman deceived her employer Mark Kielar. It would be akin to someone who is a bleeder blaming their employer for their bleeding when the employer knew nothing about their inherent problem. Not a good choice on her part. Mr. Kielar could in fact sue her for damages to his organization. I would love to see that. She deserves to be raked over the same coals.

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