What a Pool Believes

“What a Pool Believes” won UCSB’s DIY Silent Film Competition and screened at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse’s Sunken Garden in front of 3,000 to 4,000 people. (Not too shabby!) It also won at Zagreb’s PSSST! Silent Film Festival.

Wallace Carothers

The absolutely, well maybe, true story of the man who invented nylon. Official entry Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Winner: Best Comedy Short at the Eugene International Film Festival. Starring the incomparable Brian Singer.

Revenge of the Falcon

Remake? Remodel? Revenge! My comedy of filmic errors stars Brian Singer as a hapless actor trying to make it through one scene with a demanding leading lady (Margaret Easley) and an irritated director (played by yours truly). Official entry of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Night of the Falcon

The original black and white version of what would become<em> Revenge of the Falcon</em>. Official entry of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and Les Borges Blanques Short Film Fest in Spain.


My debut sci-fi epic! Winner of three awards (Thunderbird FF, Cedar City, Utah for “Best Drama”, Zoie Online for “Best Experimental”, and Dreamcatcher, Ukraine), and in competition at 30 international festivals. Blimey! Starring Kary Cawley, Brian Singer, Paul Gersowitz, and Masako Takagi.

Walk Cycle

Short, shaggy-dog story shot during a lull in the post-production of <em>Nowhereland</em>. Starring Kary Cawley. Official Selection Santa Barbara International Film Festival and Official Selection Mill Valley Film Fest.
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