No Direction Home

Four-hour Scorsese documentary on Bob Dylan, from his beginnings to the motorcycle crash. By the end of the 1966 tour you can see that Dylan wants out out out. Everybody wants something from him, the press want to pick him apart, the folkies want him to give up the electric, the pop people want a hit, the hipsters want salvation, the peaceniks want a poster boy.
Great footage, great obscurities. You can forgive Dylan for never reaching the heights of Bringing/Highway/Blonde again. That Dylan crashed along with the motorcycle. 

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Beau Travail

Claire Denis’ super odd version of Billy Budd, which (unfortunately, I can hear Mr. C say) contains some of Benjamin Britten’s tuneless opera of the same name (although, to be fair, it sorta works here). French Foreign Legionaires exercise, fight, iron shirts, and not much else under the Djibouti sun. Mesmerizing, elliptical. Very strange ending too. 

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Water Drops on Burning Rocks

Two words: Ludivine Sangier. The French Scarlett Johannsen, just with less clothes. Francois Ozon’s 2000 film is based upon an unpublished Fassbinder play, and he’s kept the 1970s German setting and all the funky furniture. A very oddly directed film that shows how you can make one apartment look like a hundred different locations.
And Ludivine is only in the second half of the film, but, well, you’ll understand when you see it. 

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US Govt Killing Internet Radio

I know this is small potatoes compared to, gee, I dunno, torture, loss of habeas corpus, domestic spying, etc. bleedin’ etc., but pending legislation threatens to kill online streaming radio by asking webmasters for royalties for every listener to an online station. Which, unless you are some corporate anus shitting out Top 40 hot squats (yes, I just said that), means you will have to close down your station. Which means most of NPR’s online streams, and for me my beloved KCRW! Sooooooo:

Online Petition

A Save Our Internet Radio blog
An article in today’s Salon
It’s always something, isn’t it?

Critical Mass!

I tried to add some movies to my Netflix and got this message! D’oh! I have since deleted a few (on the saved/upcoming/never-will-come-out list), but mostly I need to start watching more.
That magic number by the way is…500 movies.

I held a blogging seminar! Wha?

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Yep, that’s right, I was asked by SBCC (my employer) to hold a seminar on blogging this Friday. I spoke for about 3 hours to a mixed (mostly older) crowd of people. Fun and easy.
For those who attended the seminar, thank you once again. If you click on “Continue Reading” you can see the full entry and a series of links to all the sites I showed. If you would like the “Rules of Blogging”, drop me a line and I will send it to you.

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