I held a blogging seminar! Wha?

Photographed by mills70

Yep, that’s right, I was asked by SBCC (my employer) to hold a seminar on blogging this Friday. I spoke for about 3 hours to a mixed (mostly older) crowd of people. Fun and easy.
For those who attended the seminar, thank you once again. If you click on “Continue Reading” you can see the full entry and a series of links to all the sites I showed. If you would like the “Rules of Blogging”, drop me a line and I will send it to you.

Early Internet:
The Wayback Machine
My old website for my film Nowhereland
Popular Political Blogs:
Political Wire
Daily Kos
Types of Blogs:
Personal site
Self-promotional, but also a bit personal
Business promotion
Corporate Blog
CEO-written Blog
Particular interest-based blogs
Hot Sauce Blog
Samuel Pepys Diary
The Girl Who Ate Everything
Cute Overload
I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Other Kinds of Blogs
Boing Boing
Ze Frank: The Show
A personal/professional site on Flickr
A collectors site on Flickr
A City-centered blog (exampleL Paris)
RSS and Syndication: Wikipedia’s entry
Bloglines: a blog reader
Blog Hosting Sites
Blogging software (on your own site)
Expression Engine
Movable Type
Radio Userland

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