Your Self-Pity Moment of the Month

His marriage falling apart, something like 24 hours of no sleep, Elvis Costello sits down for this one-take video (save final shot) of a song from an album he still disowns. Watch him break down around 1:20 (and again at 2:20), I think it’s real. (You can take what you think about ’80s production, echo-ed vocals, and sax breaks and stick it.)
Sniff. And that’s as most as I get to personal on my blog.

I directed another music video!!

This Sunday I directed what will be the first video off of AM’s new album, Soul Variations. We worked a near 12 hour day, but we all had a great time, and the video will premiere at the end of this month in various locations (more on that later).
Thanks to:
AM for having a rockin’ song that, even after playback number 236, still had me tapping my toes. I feel this song!
Heather Carney (not in the photo) for her excellent dancing and solo performance and giving me the chance to finally work with a dancer/choreograper.
Jackie Brubaker for looking absolutely glamorous and never getting tired of my directorial demands.
Karla Shelton for running the show with her velvet whip and keeping us all in line.
Rob Dafoe for shooting and lighting the whole thing and for stepping in when I was about to rush a certain shot.
Tal for the use of his studio and his patience.
Nik, Sami, and Cynthia for once again helping out on their former teacher’s projects.
Druyan (not in shot, but taking the photo) for takin’ photos and for transporting out reflecting pool for a very cool shot.
My friends Scott and Kat for putting me up overnight so I could have an easy drive to our LA location.
and finally
Mom and Abel for being Mom and Abel! 

Photographed by mills70

The IT Crowd Season 2!!

Due to popular demand (mostly Jon bugging me),
I am posting the links to Season Two of The IT Crowd, currently the funniest bit o’ Brit-com not on the American telly. Some great moments this season, including the opening episode set on a “work outing” to the theatre and a brilliant “dinner party” episode. The American remake is in the works, and though Moss is continuing on, how can it really compare? Enjoy before the Yanks ruin it again…

Episode One: The Work Outing 1 2 3
Episode Two: Return of the Golden Child 1 2 3
Episode Three: Moss and the German 1 2 3
Episode Four: The Dinner Party 1 2 3
Episode Five: Smoke and Mirrors 1 2 3
Episode Six: Men Without Women 1 2 3