The IT Crowd Season 2!!

Due to popular demand (mostly Jon bugging me),
I am posting the links to Season Two of The IT Crowd, currently the funniest bit o’ Brit-com not on the American telly. Some great moments this season, including the opening episode set on a “work outing” to the theatre and a brilliant “dinner party” episode. The American remake is in the works, and though Moss is continuing on, how can it really compare? Enjoy before the Yanks ruin it again…

Episode One: The Work Outing 1 2 3
Episode Two: Return of the Golden Child 1 2 3
Episode Three: Moss and the German 1 2 3
Episode Four: The Dinner Party 1 2 3
Episode Five: Smoke and Mirrors 1 2 3
Episode Six: Men Without Women 1 2 3

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