Audio goodies in the mail

Audio goodies in the mail today! I finally upgraded my clapped out Aiwa double-cassette deck and bought myself a refurbished Nakamichi MR-2B single cassette deck from a Seattle-based recording studio for all of $125. I think these things sold for $750 back in the day (1986), and if you know anything about tape decks, you know that Nakamichi is da shiznit, with old decks outperforming modern decks from other companies (face it, nobody cares about cassettes any more). Nakamichi stopped making decks in the 1990s, but there’s still plenty of fans out there.
I did my research at the Naks site, where the entire history of the company’s cassette decks are outlined and worshipped.
So, how’s mine? Well, apart from the fact that all my tapes are currently at my dad’s house apart from one (Philip Glass: Mishima and Koyaanisqatsi OST), and apart from the fact that I’m still trying to sort out the problems with my speaker/receiver set-up at the new place, I would say it’s lovely. The mechanism is quiet as a baby. I mean, really, really, really quiet. Quieter than my CD or my VCR. And the sound is great, but I have yet to put it through its paces.
By the way, they still have plenty of these decks left at the place I got ’em. Check ’em out here, at Realtime.

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