Well, this post is a

Well, this post is a few days late, as just after I finished writing it last night (Saturday), Internet Explorer decided to change my history cache at the stroke of midnight into a folder and promptly froze Blogger in the act of publishing. So I lost everything! Balls.
So here we are a day later (as I was busy all day), late Sunday/early Monday, with my report on Saturday. While everybody in the entire world was protesting, I was in a cocktail lounge in Burbank, being an extra in my friend Jon’s film, an engagement I had agreed to long before Iraq was a gleam in Karl Rove’s eye.

The main character meets his lawyer to sign divorce papers.
The film is called Beautiful People and I designed some magazine and book covers seen in the film and a very important wine label. When I get the rest of my site up, you’ll be able to see these in the artwork section. But for now take my word for it.
Anyway, I play a lawyer, to be seen once in wideshot, yabbering away into a cellphone. You can see my “scotch on the rocks,” which is actually ice tea.

As a respected actor, I insist on working with only the top names. You know, Jack Daniels, Glen Fiddich, Jim Beam, and Mr. W. Turkey.
After about 7 takes of this I was let free, and I could just watch the rest of the shoot. I had my camera ready and here’s some of the other things I saw.

The above is my favorite photo of the lot.

Jon’s girlfriend Ruriko (also a filmmaker) looks baffled. With Jon, she usually is.

Between the medium shots and the close-ups, we all took a break near the pool during a very overcast day.

Apparently, this is very bad for the eyes.

Ruriko reacting to the above photo.

“Put more vim in it!” urges Jon to his actors.

I’ve run out of funny captions.
So anyway, it was a nice 4-hour shoot. Assistant Director Mylie (spelling?) kept everybody on their toes and everything movie at a clip. We got done near six, which was when I walked out into the empty bar next door in time to see the evening news and the coverage of the protest marches on each network. It was an amazing moment, as it coincided with my relief of finishing the shoot.

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