Everybody has seen those “Chinese

Everybody has seen those “Chinese Titles for American Movies” email, which to me have always seemed phony. Oliver Stone’s “Nixon” is translated as “Big Fat Liar” and so on–all coincidentally tailored to American humor.
Well, over at leylop’s blog about China she has some real translations. Most are tame, as expected, but occasionally there’s some doozies, more surreal than anything:
As Good As It Gets: Mr. Cats’ Shit ( mao shi xian sheng )
Charlie’s Angels: Lightning Cutie ( pi li tian shi )
Fargo: Moisturizing Lotion Murder ( xue hua gao li qi ming an )
Thelma & Louise: The Crazy Flower At The End Of The Road ( mo lu kuang hua )
In the Bedroom: The Incestuous Love ( luan lun zhi lian )
Top Gun: Lofty Ideal Above The Clouds ( zhuang zhi lin yun )
The Big Lebowski: Murdering the Green Toes ( mou sha lv jiao zhi )
Apparently, the Coen Brothers give the Chinese a lot of trouble.

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