Out of Retirement with a CG stupidity

Jon Crow, who now blogs way more than I do over at WITMOT, keeps pestering me to blog more. “June 12, dude…June 12!!!” he reminds me.
But he recently posted a selection of CG dumbness on his blog so good it has brought me out of lazy retirement to tell y’alls. “Apple Daily” is Hong Kong’s “trashiest tabloid” and when murder, mayhem, and molestation happen, they are there not just to report on it, but include CG illustrations of what could not be photographed. That includes:

Man AND CAT in propane explosion!!!

Child pranged in nuts by crazed teacher!!!
and undoubtedly, the best one so far:

Dramatic firsthand CG sketches of the Morgan Freeman car accident.
Way more at the above link. Crow, you are a genius.

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