m:lls 1999 – CD mix for your ears

Mills 1999
Since I posted this cover of my 1999 m:lls CD compilation on Flickr, I’ve had some requests, so I’ve posted the 2-CD set to Megaupload. Feel free to download the mix and check out some still pretty good tunes from nine years ago. (148 mins in total, 31 tracks, 160kbps.)
Track list is here:
Mills 1999 back cover

I’m A Boy – Shinobu Yoshioka
Beginnings – Astrad Gilberto
Round Trip – Cosa Nostra
Darlin’ Of Disotheque – Pizzicato Five
Mei Mei – Zhang Zhen Yue
Electric Ladyland – Fantastic Plastic Machine
Takarajima – Original Love
Jintsai – Faye Wong
The Revolution Was Postponed Because Of Rain – Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Seven – David Bowie
Salt In The Wound – Beck
Steal My Sunshine – Len
Nonstop To Tokyo – Pizzicato Five
Waters Of March (Aguas de Março) – Basia
Hum A Tune – Original Love
Millennium – Robbie Williams
Yubikiri (Demo) – SUGAR BABE
Touch Sensitive – The Fall
Hurry Up Lover – JuJu Club
Plash – Takako Minekawa
Tararan – Puffy
We Love Dancing – Arling & Cameron
I’m Your Cure – Valen Hsu
Xiao Tsong Min – Faye Wong
I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend – Petty Booka
Moonchild – Cibo Matto
Masked Ball – Jocelyn Pook
Take Your Partner By The Hand – Howie B With Robbie Robertson
Flowers Of Shanghai (Main Theme) – Yoshihiro Hanno
Locust – Ed Rush And Fierce
See You Again – Jason Falkner

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