I made Fleshbot, and I didn’t have to get naked

I know, *phew*, right? Anyway, I don’t usually blog the porny stuff, so when I found this very WTF (and NSFW) video on YouTube…and then found 18 of the same thing, I sent in a tip to Fleshbot.com. And waddya know, they ran with it. First, BoingBoing, then the New York Times, and now Fleshbot, the number one adult blog on the web. I’m everywhere, folks. Excerpt:

A very confused tipster writes to us asking for an explanation of the following YouTube video. It starts off innocently enough, with footage of a random girl-on-girl makeout session: nothing confusing there, but then things take an abrupt turn when the show is interrupted by footage from late-70s schmaltzfest “Eight Is Enough.” Then it’s back to the lesbian makeout, accompanied by some adult contemporary/soft rock background music. Then you see the opening credits for CSI: NY. Then back to some more Dick Van Patten, then it abruptly ends. In other words, it’s a big heaping spoonful of WTF?

When the boss isn’t looking, click through to the link to see the clips. You know you want to, especially with that hot Van Patten action going down.

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