The IT Crowd, Season One

When it first came out last year, I watched two shows, laughed, then forgot to download the rest. Now, because of the mentions of Season Two on BoingBoing, I went back and caught up. And so should you if you haven’t heard of this British comedy. “The IT Crowd” is a sit-com about two IT nerds–one slobby, one uptight–in a faceless company, whose geeky male environment is flipped upside-down with the appearance of an equally incompetent female manager. Much comedy is made of this threadbare set-up, getting progressively sillier each episode. Stick with the show until about Episode 4 before giving up–I bet you won’t.

Thankfully, all the eps are on YouTube until somebody notices.

Here’s the opening sequence

Episode One: Yesterday’s Jam: 1 2 3
Episode Two: Calamity Jen: 1 2 3
Episode Three: Fifty Fifty: 1 2 3
Episode Four: The Red Door: 1 2 3
Episode Five: The Haunting of Bill Crouse: 1 2 3
Episode Six: Aunt Irma Visits: 1 2 3

Here’s some outtakes/bloopers: Part 1 2
Here’s some cut/extended scenes: 1

May I just note, appropos of nothing, that I find Katherine Parkinson very hot. Thank you.

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