Ex Unum, Pluribus!

From the always awesome Strange Maps blog:

Mr Kirkland’s website “is a bit of a grassroots movement, dedicated to breaking the US into smaller, more functional nations”. It provides some extra information on each of the new, smaller American nations, “and a fresh map so that anyone can submit a new proposal.”

For myself, I like the idea of a country called “The Boundary Waters” but I think they would soon go to war with The People’s Republic of the Plains to claim Chicago. It would be bloody.

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2 thoughts to “Ex Unum, Pluribus!”

  1. If by Ex Unum Pluribus you were trying to say “out of one, many” then the correct Latin would be “EX UNO PLURES” or even “PLURES EX UNO” (word order does not matter in Latin except that the first word is what is emphasized kind of like how we might type something all in caps). The spelling of the words changes based on how you use them in a sentence in Latin kind of like how “I” becomes “me” in English based on how you use it in a sentence. And I didn’t capitalize the words to sound like I was shouting. I did it because lower case wasn’t introduced until the middle ages so it kind of looks more authentic.

    1. Thanks for the erudite reply! I would fix the title, but then it would take away from the comment and the Latin lesson.

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