Comments fixed…among other things

Some stizooopid stuff happened with the server this weekend (mostly involving a corrupted mt.cgi file which made me think for a second that I had lost four years of blogging), so I’ve spent way too much time fixing things. On the other hand I also used the opportunity to tweak a few things on the blog. You may or may not have seen them.
1) Comments now work, but require authentication. I was getting spammed the hell out by doofi unknown and I think this shut down comments for a while. As long as you have an email address and go through TypePad, you can comment now!
2) I added a favicon. It’s my bleedin’ face! I was tempted to write “OBEY” underneath it. If you don’t know what a favicon is, do a Google search.
3) Rotating banners and new pimped out logo. I added that last weekend, but you may have not noticed it. I will start adding more banners soon, at the moment it’s just ten photos.
4) Added links to myspace, facebook, amazon, and on the right. Go on and add me, be my friend and experience the discomfiting silence of social networking. I have nearly 200 friends!! And I spent most of the weekend at home!!!

5) I have added the photo of the Virgin Mary cheese sandwich
apropos of nuttin’. Actually, it looks more like Marlene Deitrich than Ms. Magdalene, but still she was delicious!

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