The Passionate Friends, 1949 – ★★★★

Quite a superb romantic film from David Lean that is also a lesson in old school directing that younger filmmakers could steal whole-heartedly from. Even though Mary and Steven (Ann Todd and Trevor Howard) are the focus, some of the best moments are when Lean settles on Howard’s discovery of the affair. It’s all very Hitchcockian! There are many sublime moments in the film–the gondola ride into the clouds; Mary behind a lace curtain, her face hidden to Howard; the evocation of the rush of air before the Underground train arrives; the flashbacks within flashbacks, along with fantasies and daydreams.

Watched on FilmStruck channel after reading how Paul Thomas Anderson borrowed several elements (including the New Year’s Eve scene) for Phantom Thread.

Vía Letterboxd – Ted Mills

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