Film Comment’s Korean Special: What’s Streaming?

Power of Kangwon

I just got the current issue of Film Comment (with Albert Maysles on the cover). The centerpiece of the issue is “Korea Prospects II,” edited by Goran Topalovic, an in-depth survey of current South Korean directors with short bios. Like a similar survey they did last year on Hong Kong cinema, there’s a lot of films that I now want to see. Maybe you feel the same. So I went through Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video and have compiled this handy guide to what’s currently streaming for each director. I also indicate DVDs that you can order from Netflix, if you still get things by mail.

Note: Netflix’s search function sucks if you are trying to look for directors. I also looked into Hulu but found it unusable so fuck’em. Fandor has a few Hong Sang-soo films to fill the gaps.

Another note: I would take any “Save DVD” button on Netflix with a grain of salt.

Full list after the jump!

Boo Ji-Young
Cart (Netflix Save DVD)

Choi Don-hoon (Dong-hun Choi)
Woochi (Netflix streaming)
The Thieves (Netflix streaming)

Han Jae-Rim
The Face Reader (Netflix Save DVD)
The Show Must Go On (Amazon Prime Instant Video)

Jang Cheoi-soo
Bedevilled (Netflix streaming)

Jang Hoon (Jang Hun)
The Front Line (Netflix DVD)
Secret Reunion (Netflix streaming until 5/20/15) also Amazon Prime Instant Video
Rough Cut (Netflix streaming until 5/20/15) also Amazon Prime Instant Video

Jang Kun-jae

Jo Sung-hee
A Werewolf Boy (Netflix streaming until 6/5/15)

Yi-kwan Kang
Juvenile Offender (Netflix Save DVD)

Kim Byeong-woo
The Terror Live (Netflix Save DVD)

Han-min Kim
War of the Arrows (Netflix streaming)
Admiral (Netflix Save DVD)
Paradise Murdered (Amazon Prime Instant Video)
Handphone (Amazon Prime Instant Video)

Kyung-mook Kim

Lee Hae-jun

Lee Kwang-kuk

Na Hong-jin
The Yellow Sea (Netflix DVD)
Chaser (Netflix DVD)

Young-seok Noh
Daytime Drinking (Netflix DVD)
Intruders (Netflix Save DVD)

O Meul
Jiseul (Netflix Save DVD)

Hoon-jung Park
New World (Netflix streaming)
Swordbrothers: The Showdown (Amazon Prime Instant Video)

Jung-bum Park
Alive (Netflix Save DVD)
The Journal of Musan (Amazon Prime Instant Video)

Kelvin Kyung Kun Park
A Dream of Iron (Netflix Save DVD)

Yeon Sang-ho
The Fake (Netflix Save DVD)

Yoon Jong-bin
Kundo: Age of the Rampant (Netflix streaming)

And because there was a sidebar on Hong Sang-Soo I’ve included him too:
Oki’s Movie (Amazon Prime Instant Video)
HaHaHa (Amazon Prime Instant Video)
Like You Know It All (Amazon Prime Instant Video)
The Power of Kangwon Province (Amazon Prime Instant Video)

That last is one of my favorites of his. Check it.

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