DRINK OF THE WEEK: Cafe Del Sol’s Strawberry or Mango Blended Margarita

Strawberry or Mango Blended Margarita
Strawberry or Mango Blended Margarita

Remember spring? No, we don’t either. It was a scorcher the other day, but as it started to cool down, we here at Drink of the Week got on our bikes for a ride alongside our fabulous beach, down toward the Bird Refuge. It was just another reminder that we’re lucky to live here and do not have to only visit for the weekend.

Our ride ended at Cafe del Sol, which has a very nice happy hour during the weekdays and a beautiful view over the estuary every day. And they remembered us from our visit many years ago. Even bartender Kyler Barbee remembered our faces and told us he’s read every column since.

We were sweating off the ride and needed refreshment, so Mr. Barbee made us two variations on Cafe del Sol’s blended margaritas. Although the regular margaritas are slam-dunk strong, the fruity ones take the edge off with fresh strawberries and fresh mangoes. The tequila used is Sauza (which has plenty of edges by itself), and if you like to taste the booze, choose strawberry. If not, and you want to think you’re having a delicious smoothie, pick the mango. Both deliver a real fruit taste. Mangoes are sometimes harder to get than strawberries, so do have a backup puree just in case.

This time we didn’t want to choose, so we’ve made our DOTW a double trouble of fruit flavor. Cheers to Cafe del Sol as well, which is looking to celebrate 50 years in the biz next year. We’ll be seeing them again soon.

1 1/2 ounces silver tequila, such as Sauza
1 ounce triple sec, such as Dekuyper
1/2 ounce lemon juice
4-5 whole strawberries or 1 whole mango

Add all ingredients and ice to an industrial-strength blender and blend until smooth. Serve in hurricane glass.
Garnish strawberry version with whole strawberry or lime wedge, mango version with lime or orange slice.

Cafe del Sol
30 Los Patos Way 969-0448

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