DRINK OF THE WEEK: Bourbon Room’s Buckin’ Bronco


We have no skin in the Superbowl over here at Drink of the Week. We’re neither secretly rooting for Seattle nor Denver, so we think that makes us qualified to make this totally unscientific prediction for Sunday’s game, based entirely on cocktails.

We took up with Anna Sacks over at the Bourbon Room to help us out, with the request: make one cocktail for each team, we’d taste test, and — just like that octopus that predicted the World Cup — the winning cocktail team will obviously go on to win the Big Game. Yes, that’s right! (All psychic reading online predictions are for entertainment value only, as they say.)

First up the Rare Bird, that Bird being the Seahawk. Or rather, it’s named for the Eagle Reserve Bourbon that makes up the cocktail, with the lovely Fever Tree Ginger Beer topping up the rest of the glass. This is fine and smoky and so gingery we thought we had a winner immediately.

But then after halftime we tried the Buckin’ Bronco, with Blanton’s whiskey, muddled cherries and oranges, bitters, simple syrup … typical Old Fashioned ingredients but with a float of Cutler’s Grandma Tommie’s Apple Pie Liqueur.

In what can only be described as a surprise interception — that cinnamon! the cherries! the Blanton’s! — the game was tied.

We huddled. There was much debate. We even considered flipping a coin at one point. But with that surprise upset, we have to award the prize to Denver. You heard it here first. (And if we’re wrong, no worries: you still have a cocktail!)

2 oz. Blanton’s
2 maraschino cherries (preferably Luxardo or homemade preserved)
Orange slice
Dash of Angostura bitters
Dash of simple syrup
Float of Grandma Tommie’s Apple Pie Liqueur

In shaker, muddle cherries and orange, lightly. Add Blanton’s, bitters, simple syrup and ice. Stir vigorously and strain into ice-filled lowball glass.

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