Drink of the Week: Corks n’ Crowns’ Dark ‘n’Gory


Pitch black is the new black. At least when it comes to Halloween cocktails. Just ask Alison Riede, who came up with our Drink of the Week — the Dark ‘n’ Gory, her twist on the classic Dark and Stormy cocktail, using one of the darkest rums out there: Whaler’s. Add to that, Riede uses a Black Lemonade from a company called Skeleteen. (Look for it at BevMo! because that’s the only place we’ve seen it.) There’s a skull on the label, so it’s easy to spot, and it’s not alcoholic, either.

Cupcake maven Ms. Riede, who hosts cupcake pairings — with alcohol — every Sunday at Corks n’ Crowns in Santa Barbara, also adds a little bit of brown sugar and lychee juice to sweeten it up, and a rim of red sugar … or is it blood sugar? And to make it all that more spooktacular, Ms. Riede made “eyes” from lychees with blueberries stuffed inside. Tip: Sprinkle some leftover red sugar on the “eyes” and soon they’ll be “bloodshot.” With two impaled eyes on a straw resting on the rim, you have a drink that seems to be checking out the drinker, perfect for your Halloween party!

2 ounces Whaler’s Dark Rum
2 ounces Skeleteen’s Black Lemonade Private Reserve
1 teaspoon brown sugar
2 tablespoons lychee juice
Red sugar, for rim
Blueberries, for garnish
Lychees, drained, for garnish

Combine rum, lemonade, brown sugar and lychee juice over ice, shake and strain into cocktail glass rimmed with red sugar. Garnish with two blueberry-stuffed lychee “eyeballs.”

Yield: 1 drink

Sugar Cat at Corks n’ Crowns
11 a.m. Sundays
32 Anacapa St.
845-8600 or www.corksandcrowns.com

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