Drink of the Week: The Bourbon Room’s Raspberry Mint Julep


Since we last checked out The Bourbon Room in Goleta, they’ve been taking in a steady stream of customers wanting to check out its Victorian drawing room vibe, its faithful recreation of Dean-o’s Pizzarama, its bitters club, and, of course, its cocktails. And they have a cool Instagram/Facebook thing going on if you can handle the intertubes. Mostly Anna Sacks and Al Rojas post pictures of their cocktail du jour; it took a full month of us getting all thirsty before we had to swing by and take a chance. Most drinks are bourbon by namesake, although the bartenders have been known to dip into tequila, vodka and the rest.

On this particular day, it was a Raspberry Mint Julep, which seemed appropriate for the beginning of hotter days. No pewter cups here, but we can live with that. No horse race of any kind either, but we’re not the gambling kind. Instead, the cocktail demands attention, with its mix of cherry-infused bourbon and regular bourbon, raspberries and mint. Just a hint of lemon juice brightens everything up and makes it pop, and it wasn’t long before the cocktail was just a memory and we were considering ordering another.

By the way, any of the Room’s cocktails du jour can be ordered if the ingredients are available. Keep tabs on them at www.facebook.com/TheBourbonRoom4444.

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