DRINK OF THE WEEK: Cadiz’s Grand Monaco – Irish home version

Grand Monaco - Irish home version NIK BLASKOVICH/NEWS-PRESS
Grand Monaco – Irish home version

“I like my drinks bitter, boozy and strong,” said bartender Sean Sepulveda, over at Cadiz. We were about to add, “That’s how we like our women too!” but thought better of it.

We had been thinking about St. Patrick’s Day and how most drinks are not made for sipping but for, you know, chugging. You can get an Irish coffee pretty much everywhere, too.

So possibly we could get something that could sate our coffee urges, our drinking needs, and get in a slap of whiskey, all the while allowing us a small respite from the weekend madness.

Mr. Sepulveda gave us a spin on his new cocktail Grand Monaco, a mix of Grand Marnier and bitter liquors like Campari. But while that is on the menu and a lovely smooth beast, this one is not official Cadiz biz: Swap out the Grand Marnier for a good Irish blend — like Mr. Sepulveda does at home — and you’re an Irishman in Monaco. (For example: Bono, who vacations there.)

It’s the coffee that makes the drink, really, and Stirrings Espresso is an astute addition; you need less than regular coffee, and it doesn’t murk up the cocktail’s look.

Try this while the crowds outside drink their car bombs — it’s our Drink of the Week!

Mezcal (any kind will do), to rinse glass
2 ounces Bushmills Black Bush whiskey
2 ounces Dolin sweet vermouth
3/4 ounce Campari bitters
1 ounce Stirrings Espresso
Orange peel (1-inch slice)

Rinse cocktail glass with mezcal. Add other liquids to ice in shaker. Shake and pour into glass. Garnish with orange peel slice, making sure to squeeze oils into drink before adding.

Yield: 1 drink

509 State St. 770-2760 or www.cadizsb.com

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