DRINK OF THE WEEK: Wine Cask’s Bronx Beet

Bronx beet

DJs drop sweet beats around this time of year … and bartenders do, too! That is, if we’re actually talking about beets. You know, the vegetable. OK, that’s our admittedly lame attempt at tying this drink to the festivities about to drop in four days time, but give us a break here at Drink of the Week central!

Matt Pickett at Wine Cask made this for us on a recent sojourn to his fine establishment, and we’ve saved this drink for a special occasion. Which is now.

His Bronx Beet uses the sweetness of beets — but not the blood red color — to work its magic on this Manhattan-like recipe. He uses Michter’s Rye, Carpano Antica vermouth and orange bitters, but with the sweetness from the beets that you can still find at a farmers market, if you’re lucky. The concoction is heady, sweet and delicious, and the candied apple gives it just that extra oomph. After all the Champagne you’re going to drink when the ball drops, you might need this proper drink to set you straight.

2 ounces Michter’s Rye
1 ounce golden beet simple syrup
1 ounce Carpano Antica
3 dashes Regan’s Orange Bitters

Combine all ingredients over ice, stir, and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with candied apple.

Yield: one serving

To make apple:
Peel skin of Golden Delicious or Heirloom apple. Dip in sugar and dry on rack overnight.

To make beet syrup:
Cut up two cooked golden beets, liquefy in blender, add 2 cups of sugar and boil down by half. Strain and cool.

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