DRINK OF THE WEEK: Cadiz’s Tipple of gibraltar

Tipple of gibraltar
Tipple of gibraltar

The relatives are gathered, the turkey’s in the oven, and all you really want is a drink. We know how you feel; we’ve been there.

But instead of reaching into your back pocket for your hip flask, why not whip up something much more appropriate for the season? Yes, this involves cranberry and turkey, and has been designed by Sean Sepulveda, formerly of El Cielito, and now of Cadiz, who is set to roll out a brand new cocktail menu soon.

First off, to ease your fears, the turkey we’re talking about is Wild Turkey 81, and not giblet juice. For the cranberries, forget the Ocean Spray malarkey. Leopold Bros. of New England makes a line of liqueurs that burst with amazing flavor. They also make gin that is smooth and floral. Their blackberry liqueur is intense, but for this recipe you need their liqueur and a whipped cream canister for making egg white foam. But once made, you have enough for several drinks.

Sepulveda also used strawberry-rhubarb jam from the farmers market. The brand doesn’t matter so much, but keep away from tons of preservatives. These three fruit flavors collide and do wonders in the mouth, and the foam makes everything velvety.

The Tipple of Gibraltar is available at Cadiz, but hopefully also around your table next week.

2 ounces Wild Turkey 81
1 ounce lemon juice
2 tablespoons strawberryrhubarb jam
Leopold Bros. cranberry foam
Raw cranberries for garnish

Mix whiskey, lemon juice and jam over rocks, pour into martini glass. Top with foam and garnish with two cranberries.

To make the foam:
Add 4 ounces Leopold Bros. Cranberry Liquer,
1 ounce lemon juice,
2 cups powdered sugar and
5 ounces egg whites to a whipped cream canister.

Add the nitrous then shake.

Yield: 1 drink.

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