Interview wtih 74 year old porn star

Continuing our senior theme for the day, here’s an interview you won’t see in AARP magazine. VICE interviews Shigero Tokuda, who has found a strange niche being one of the oldest porn stars. Sure his films aren’t mainstream, but there is an audience out there for them, and it sounds like he does rather well. Also, his thoughts and outlook are quite progressive.

What are your views on the sex climate in Japan?
I first learned about sex in the postwar period, when we didn’t have anything. Everybody was so focused on living, studying, graduating, and working that neither my classmates nor myself were all that interested in sex. So for my generation, it’s all about getting back those lost dreams of our youth. Society is more open about porn now, which I guess is a good thing. But personally, I think that sex should be regarded as something more austere. I mean, it’s the physical communion of two people. I know it sounds rich from somebody doing the work I do, but I sincerely believe that. I would like to make a deeper human-to-human connection with the people that I sleep with.

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