Over 9,000 Penises

Apparently, Oprah, ready to believe anything she reads on TEH INTERNETZ, read this shocking bit o’ news the other day on her program:

… if you still don’t understand what our children are up against, let me read you something that was posted on our message board, from someone who claims to be a member of a known pedophile network, it said this, ‘he does not forgive, he does not forget, his group has over 9000 penises, and they’re all raping children.’

If her researchers had done any work beyond shooting coffee out of their nose after reading that Cthulu-style quote, they would have found it was some sort of 4-Chan/Dragonball-Z/Intertubes humor meme. The rest, they say, is an Internet Remix (see above). The spirit of Chris Morris lives on!

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