Entrances to Hell around the UK

Came across a very odd site
that lists with archaic names, directions, and descriptions a series of odd urban locations that could and/or might as well be Entrances to Hell. The shitty web design, circa 1997, only helps the effect. You gotta like this writing:

Ssssuuuuft is an under-appreciated entrance in an important location. With its passages of breeze-block and pipes of silver it has become the single most efficient inward access for the damned since the loss of Paxmat in 1203. This is the entrance from which The Twins will be sent when they come to eat all the Cathedrals.


A well known song tells the story of the devil’s memories of Quetty Orarna. “Here I seen monkies daunce, and performe all the tricks of ye tight rope, to my great admiration” was written 600 years ago and is still to be heard here in the 21st century. Quetty Orarna was sealed up from the inside by the explorers Eleanor Moscow and George M at the very beginning of their foolhardy and controversial mission into Hell. Nothing more was ever known of them.

Fans of M.R. James or Ramsey Campbell or even Mark E. Smith should appreciate.

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