What a Day That Was

Time for some music.
This here’s the version of “What a Day That Was” from the Talking Heads’ “Stop Making Sense” movie. Bela Lugosi lighting, powerful performances, transcendent. Everybody in the band is in top form and the group funks out as one big unit. I especially like the sideways glance Tina Weymouth gives somebody (David Byrne?) at 2:25.

Searching for that easy-to-find/rent/buy video,
I came across a rarity: the Heads performing “My Big Hands Fall Thru the Cracks” from a 1982 UK doc. I saw this once on UK TV in 1984 and never saw it again. I thought I knew all their songs and I couldn’t find a studio version. Turns out both this and “What a Day…” are from the Catherine Wheel Soundtrack. Goddamn if this isn’t a beauty of a version.

Here’s another version of the song attached to somebody’s homemade Kenneth Anger-esque experimental movie. The song is from the 1982 Montreaux Jazz Festival. Feel that funky bass!

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