Welcome back, it’s me.

Dengue Fever live!
Sure have been gone a long time, folks! And I should keep up with posting, after all I have thousands of devoted fans I can’t let down. Well, maybe not thousands, but hundreds. Okay, maybe not hundreds, more like my mom and a few friends. But still I can’t let them down!!
I took Spring Break in Vancouver and Portland and the Canada photos are already up. I’ve been busy writing and teaching.
I’m always nervous to get behind a candidate, but I’ve come around to Obama over the last months. I’ve more and more impressed with his speeches and his attitude. The man seems genuine. I’ve also stood back, impressed, as he’s used every negative moment as a chance to go on the offensive. Last night was the unbelievably shitty and moronic travesty of a debate on ABC. But tonight I saw this footage:

OMG!!! Did you see that? He referenced Jay-Z! To wit:

I’m not saying that I’m voting for Obama because he likes Jay-Z, but this is just to show that he knows some great political Aikido and a reference like this just shows how this is a totally different game we’re in now. This isn’t politics as usual.
Lastly, I went to go see Dengue Fever play SOhO tonight and it was excellent. More photos soon. My friends Sami and Doug were there, along with tons of peeps that I know, so it was a good night out.
Here’s my favorite song from the night, the groovy and hypnotic “Seeing Hands,” which could have gone on 20 more minutes for my taste.

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