Deadly Bread!

This is such a stupid story, I have to share. Yesterday I was slicing a one-day old baguette from Trader Joe’s for dunking in soup–it was dinner time. I was sawing away at it–it was a bit hard as you might imagine–and my hand slipped and I actually broke skin on the edge of the bread. Thirty seconds later I was bleeding. What the hell??? I have had paper cuts in my time, but never a baguette cut.

Then tonight I was finishing off the same loaf and again sawing away (that final moment of separating base from loaf is the worst and again I slipped and I banged the edge of my thumb on the bread. It gave me a blood blister and before I could even think, even more blood was coming out, all over the knife and of the cutting board.

This has to be the deadliest bread I have ever come across. I’m glad it’s gone.

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