The Perfect Cup of Coffee?

When I was down in La-La-Land last week I picked up a bag of David Lynch coffee. I don’t have a coffee maker, but dammit, I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to try Lynch’s own blend. So I have decided to actually get a proper coffee maker. Trouble is: all the other times I’ve had a drip coffee maker the resulting brew has sucked big time. And I had washing up just for one cup. AAAAAAannnnnnnd my place is small, with no counter space. So what can I get? I came across this Metafilter discussion on coffee. I love the ‘net! Now I have lots of options.
French press or Moka Express (Stainless Steel only, never aluminum!) or–my favorite by the looks of it–the Aerobie Aeropress.
Other tips: use a burr grinder, not a blade grinder. (Damn! That’s what I have!)
Correct brewing temp is 195-205 degrees. (What am I supposed to do, take the water’s temperature?)
Kona coffee is really good and the real thing is real expensive.
But why not roast your own beans? Hmm, this is starting to get complicated…

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