Gimme Shelter

The Maysles Bros’ 1970 doc on the Stones’ ill-fated Altamont free concert. Why use the pigs, man, when the Hells Angels can provide security? Why indeed? Apart from the death o’ the 60s, the film also reminded me of how this was the birth of many things I don’t like about live concerts:
1) Threatening bearded people
2) People who should not be naked dancing around naked
3) People insisting I share their high with them
4) People who think I came to the concert so they could stage dive/crowd surf on my face
5) General aggressive dumbness
6) Hippies — why oh why are you still with us?
Best moment of the film, performance wise is not the Stones–they just seem to be plowing ahead, playing the hits–but Tina Turner stroking her mic stand like it’s a long tumescent johnson. Yowee. 

Photographed by mills70

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