Momonga: Feel the Cuteness

I’ve recently been getting into cuteblogs, such as the always awesome CuteOverload, which has linked to Just a Little Guy. They love the cute. They worship the cute. And the latter blog has made me aware of the amazing Japanese Flying Squirrel called The Momonga. This amazing creature looks as if it was designed by manga artists. Or could it be that all manga artists learned to draw Momongas first and couldn’t shake the large-eye thing when they then went on to draw humans? Either way, gaze upon the Momonga in all its glory.

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One thought to “Momonga: Feel the Cuteness”

  1. Boy, JustaLittleGuy is one cleverly phrased site. How do you find these sites? Do you pay people to rove the ever-expanding files of the collective Web-minds?
    As you may have noted, I have a new, improved site. It’s fresh, it’s fancy, and it’s a blog. And it’s also still quite sporadic on IE on PC. (Not that PC-compatibility is any great shake).
    By the by: if I want to trackback, do I do it from my site, or yours? Or do you track this link back to mine? … I’m so confused. Luckily I have a programmer, who gleefully fixes the glitches. Yeah.

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