Some recent blogroll entries + more!!

You may have noticed a few additions to the blog these days. One is the funky list of what I supposedly have at home from Netflix (left hand column). However, it’s experiencing some difficulty and telling you some of what I sent back. Don’t blame me, blame Netflix’s RSS feed.
The other addition is my links on the right hand side, above the BlogRoll. Both of these feeds were made possible by FeedDigest, which I urge you to check out.
So anyway, I just wanted to alert you to some cool sites I’ve added to the blogroll, as they’re worth checking out:
Cute Overload: A blog of nothing but cute animals. Woogiewoogiewoogie, aren’t you the cutest???
Same Hat! Same Hat!: a blog about translating experimental Japanese manga and American manga-style artists.
Subject Barred: Linked from K-punk, Irish follower of Zizek and cultural critic. Has yet to really get going, but K-punk vouches for this site.
Twitch Film: Latest news and trailers about all cool films that are not Hollywood poo.

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