Welcome to the brand new blog!

Sup, my peoples? After one month of procrastination and two months of Blogger buggering up my entries, I finally knuckled down last night and installed Movable Type 3.2 on my system. With help from Patrick Benny, I got the thing up and running. Then with help from this Flash tutorial I transferred all my Blogger blogs to this one big blog.
I know the site looks very rudimentary right now, but I’ll get the graphics going soon. Right now, it’s all about the text, baby!
Also! When I first started blogging, the blog was called “Up Among the Golden Spires”. I thought that mixing politics and dumb web links wasn’t what I wanted, so I split the blogs into five separate pieces (Blogger didn’t have categories like MT does). And my main page “Stone Cold Pimpin'” was born.
Question: Should I go back and call this one big blog Up Among the Golden Spires or keep with Stone Cold Pimpin’?

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