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Petracovich – Others (18 mpg)
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After many months of editing,
learning new software, and purchasing a new external harddrive (and not in that order), I can proudly present the music video for the artist Petracovich. “Others” is from the new album “We Are Wyoming.” Big thanks out to Michael Long (who provided the artwork seen in the video), everybody at Muddy Waters coffeehouse, producer/cameraman/renaissance man Paul Mathieu, extra camerapeople Jon Crow and Annie, and of course Petracovich herself, Jessica Peters, who graciously allowed us to do the thing in the first place.
The file is big (18mb) so please give it time to load. Enjoy.
UPDATE (9/24/05): We have solved some encoding problems (i.e. missing footage!!) so it’s all good to go.
UPDATE (9/25/05): It seems some people are still having a problem with the video freezing up around 1:16. If so, please try saving the movie to your hardrive and then open it with Quicktime, instead of having the browser play it. No, I have no idea why this should be. Also, make sure you have the latest version of Quicktime for your system.
UPDATE (9/27/05): The video has now been reencoded as a letterboxed mpg. I swear this time y’all can get it to work.
UPDATE (9/29/05): I’ve talked with my provider and they say there’s nothing going on their end. The video loads complete and fast. I tried it here at work on a Windows XP machine. So did another guy at the office. So I really don’t know why some people are still getting the “half-video” deal. Dump your cache?

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6 thoughts to “Petracovich – The New Video”

  1. Mills’ style is unique to say the least. The imagery in this piece, evokes scenes from old curio shops in ones mind. Although it has been attempted by others from time to time, it often comes off as a bit creepy and with a complete lack originality. Overall, the video is a wonderful new perspective in an industery choked with directors attempting to pass their waste off as art. Mills has succeeded were many others have failed and will clearly continue to do so in the future. One need only look forward to his next project
    Cheers Mr. Mills.
    M.E. James
    Liverpool, England

  2. Hello out to Jessica – thanks again, you are awsome.
    Ted, you sucked the imagery right out of my head and brought it to life, plus a great many things and impressive effects I’d not imagined. Very cool – you definitely get a snicker’s bar.
    I was kind of heartbroken that I had to miss the performance here in Colorado. You brought it to me. And you aced it.
    Downloading took awhile (dialup here) but went without incident.
    Thanks for the magic – all of you. Best Regards always, -Frank

  3. Wow, that was great. Finally got around to downloading the video but it was great I liked the visuals. You are a God among men my friend!

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