Makin’ Natto

For breakfast, I have started eating natto on brown rice, with some miso soup on the side. Am I crazy? No, in fact. For one thing, I really am a big fat twat these days, so I have to work on my diet, and that means eating healthier. I love cereal and milk in the morning, but after a while I don’t think the combo of dairy and sugar was doing it fr me. And of course I’m influenced by friends Jon and Ruriko, who dabble in the macrobiotics (but not in a doctinaire way, just check the flickr photos of us eating ribs and RibsUSA). But anyway, that’s what my mornings are all about.

Thinking about the joys of natto led me to the Natto for Everybody Homepage, which tells you how you can make your own at home. I can only imagine the stink that would fill your house making this. But it really just is soybeans, salt, and sugar.

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