Achtung, Wireless Enthusiast!

A few years ago, I discovered the most wonderful mystery of the Numbers Stations, strange coded messages of a spy agency nature that could be found only at the top reaches of the shortwave radio dial. A year later they would become “cool” (in quotes) after Wilco used some on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. I bought a CD-ROM about them, but at the time the holy grail of recordings was the four-disc CONET PROJECT, a loving anthology of the greatest “hits” of number stations: sine-wave jingles, children reading out numbers in German, static, static, static. You could find some copies on the web, but it was at an exhorbinant price. What a surprise then to find that Irdial Discs, who first released the CD, has made it available via mp3 along with the very extensive liner notes.
Choice stuff, folks!

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