Pre-delivery jitters

After five and a half years, I am finally upgrading my Mac system. I am going from a Blue’n’White 350Mhz G3 to a 2.0Ghz Dual Processor G5. Yes, I skipped out on the G4 thing entirely, much like I was able to completely miss Laserdiscs between VHS and DVD. I’ll also be making the jump from OS9.2.2 to OSX 10.3.7. I do have an earlier version of OSX on a secondary drive on the G3, but I use it mostly to dabble with.
Here’s a quick list of things I will be looking forward to leaving behind in the switch:
After 2001, my G3’s complete inability to input an audio signal (a problem that no Mac technician, friend, local mechanic, or librarian was ever able to solve).
The G3’s inability to make DVDs (in particular, .m2v files).
My system’s inability to play any Windows Media Player file, whether standalone or embedded in a web page, and then having it crash IE.
Having no browser that can support GMail.
IE and Toast crashing my system.
Not being able to rip DVDs.
Not being able to use Adobe After Effects without assigning it all my memory and still having it crash my system.
Things I’m not looking forward to:
How am I going to replace all my apps?
Learning UNIX commands–having to rethink my 15+ years of Mac knowledge.
Having to let go of some of my favorite 3rd party share/freeware programs and go looking for OSX versions. For example: SoundJam, SonicWORX (still the best graphic representation of audio signal), Toast Audio Extractor (great for checking levels on homemade CD comps), Track Thief (rips damaged CDs better than any other), BeHierarchic, DiskSurveyor, and UtilityDog). If you know good OSX replacements, please leave a comment!
Things I am looking forward to:
Making DVDs!
Finishing several movie projects!
Working in Audio!
iPhoto in conjuction with Flickr!
Tons of cool share/freeware I don’t even know exists!
Anyway, I’ll be keeping you updated on my progress soon enough…

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