Pop Surrealism? Lowbrow Art? Whatever you say, we likes it.

You won’t be surprised that I’m looking forward to this book, which may already be out. Last Gasp Online Catalog – POP SURREALISM: THE RISE OF UNDERGROUND ART. I’m curious at how much is “surrealism” and how much is wanting a better label. Artists include Anthony Ausgang, Glenn Barr, Tim Biskup, Kalynn Campbel, The Clayton Brothers, Joe Coleman, Camille Rose Garcia, Alex Gross, Don Ed Hardy, Charles Krafft, Liz McGrath, Scott Musgrove, Niagara, Marion Peck, The Pizz, Lisa Petrucci, Mark Ryden, Isabel Samaras, Todd Schorr, Shag, Robert Williams, Eric White, and XNO.
I don’t know if Shag is exactly “surreal” so we’ll see.
Anyway, here’s an interview with the author Kirsten Anderson, who runs the Roq la Rue gallery in Seattle, which done started it all.

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