Roger Eno – The Flatlands

Thirsty Ear THI66036.2

Found this Roger Eno album down at Pennywise Records in Pasadena.
I’d never heard of it, but any Eno is okay with me, usually. Flatlands is Eno’s attempt to turn a string quartet into a sort of ambient synthesizer. Avoiding the sunny romanticism of “Between Tides” from some years back, the album is a sort of no-man’s land between synth-wash background music and chamber music that threatens to become melodic. It’s not a bad album, neither it is a good album. It just sort of exists and then it ends. I’ve put it on several times and tried to pay attention to it, but that feeling never lasts.
Pros: Pleasant, a nice melding of strings and ambient thought.
Cons: Too long without much variety.

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