Towers in the Park

I’m a big fan of righteous rants about bad architecture, and this one over at does me fine. It takes on the awful submissions for the New York City Olympic village, then goes into a general dissing of awful modernism. “Modernism is still with us,” they claim.

Those plazas, so spankingly ‘open’ and ‘clean’ in drawings and models, in practice quickly cracked and stained. Trash, litter and gusts of wind have always liked them better than workers and inhabitants have; real-live people bundle up, shield their eyes against the swirls of grit, and hurry across these immense stretches of abstract nothingness feeling like ants. The rows of towers often turned out to feel crushingly heavy; and glass towers are often temperamental creatures, far more trouble and costly than advertised to maintain.

By way of City Comforts Blog

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