My vewy foist digital camera

You are looking at the first photo taken with my new Canon Powershot A70. We got a little bit of cash during the holidays, so we finally got a camera after using the low-rez photos on my DV camera using the memory card. It was good in a pinch, but it was still a pinch.
Much online research and price-checking led me to choose the Canon and get it for $269 (list is $299) without tax and with free shipping. Thanks,! The online shop that had that deal was Willoughbys out of New York. I also bought a 256mb card from B&H for $50 something to replace the paltry 16mb card that ships with the camera.
Okay, so it’s not much of a photo, but it’s the first one I took. Rather flowers than a messy apartment…
This came just in time. Jessica’s mother, aunt, and two of her sisters are coming tomorrow for a two-week stay. Expect some blogging to come, as we are going to Phoenix and Vegas.

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