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Hey folks, apparently somebody chatted to actor Bob Lesser, who starred in the commercial I shot with Jon Crow for the MoveOn.org “Bush in 30 Seconds” commercial before Thanksgiving. My friend Maury called me this morning to tell me I was in the News-Press. “I’m always in the News-Press,” I told him, “I write for ’em!” No, he said, I was in “The Dish” section:

“EQUAL TIME: Robert Lesser, Ensemble Theatre Company star and journalist Annie Bardach’s hubby, just completed a commercial for MoveOn.org, the Web site committed to unseating George W. Bush. Ted Mills (free-lance writer for the News-Press) directed the commercial, shot at the Pepper Tree Inn, in which Robert plays a dysfunctional CEO. The 30-second spot competes against hundreds of others — the winner will air around Bush’s January State of the Union address. … “

Apart from failing to mention the other director who is not a local boy, we’re chuffed to see the publicity. More info on the commercial when we know.

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